Avoid underarm embarrassment

Armpits can be a good breeding ground for germs and bacteria if they are not taken care of properly.  Living in the tropics, you may find yourself always sweating and this could result to body odor.  Some clothing materials contribute to this problem and so you must carefully choose what to wear.  The most recommended is cotton.

If the smell is pervasive, try to change your top twice a day and make sure you bring an alcohol and a cotton swab to apply to your underarms before putting on a new top.  Some people say this is bad for the armpits so do the next suggestion instead.

However, if it is impossible to change in your workplace inconvenient to carry an extra shirt, remember to always carry a small bottle of alcohol or antiseptic as it is proven to kill 99% of bacteria.  Buy yourself one of those spray bottles and when you think the armpits are starting to spew a repulsive odor, spray or squirt alcohol in your shirt's armpits not on the skin.

How to Stop Wet Underarm Naturally and Forever

Have you been plagued by embarrassing wet underarms? I was a sufferer for many years. Used several deodorant and anti-perspirant products but nothing worked. It was very embarrassing and I literally couldn't wear plain colored shirts because I was afraid to show my soaking shirt. I even consulted a doctor who told me an operation could stop it but it was gonna cost me 2-month salary. I simply couldn't afford it. Not in a year's time of saving a large portion of my monthly pay.

One day my friend recommended a product which I tried and practically the sweats dried up overnight. I couldn't believe it. Living in Thailand where the summer could be 40-44 Degrees and have dry underams was such a huge relief and convenience.

Mike Ramsey authored a book on how you can cure wet underarm using homemade remedy and get a permanent result. You too can stop your sweating. Visit StopUnderamSweatingForLifeNow.com.